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Ask Alex - What's a good penis size?

Ask Alex - What's a good penis size?

  • 19 November, 2020
  • Alex Thompson

Question: Out on the court after my weekend basketball games the guys are always talking about sex. The guys are all ages ranging from 16-30 and the conversation focuses on the size of their “Johnson”, the length of their sessions and the amount of rounds they can go with their girls.

Compared to them I think I may not only be undersized but also underplayed. My girlfriend never complained, but then again I normally reach my high before she does. Then it takes a few minutes before I can ring the second bell.

I guess my question is what’s a good size, how long is long enough and how many rounds am I expected to go?


Alex Says...

First let me just say all that courtside talk is just that “TALK”. Listen, I’ve discussed this before, but I still get a lot of calls, letters and emails with the same question. So please share this issue with a friend and spread the word.

(1) Size: For a lady, 6 is a good fix; 8 may be great; 9 is just as fine, but 7 is heaven.

(2) Your big “O”: Unfortunately, most men normally reach their peak 5 times faster than women. In many, many, many studies all over the world its been documented that its perfectly normal for you to complete your first round within 3-5 minutes. Remember, we take longer because our pleasure is not solely achieved through intercourse. Reaching the big “O” together takes countless hours of exploring each other’s erogenous zones and hot spots.

(3) Rounds: In any relationship, you should be prepared to fully satisfy your mate no matter how long it takes. This normally means going at least twice, but give her three (if you can) to be nice.

But in case this info doesn’t put your mind at ease, you can look into the natural herbal supplements we have in stock like: Vigorex Forte (to increase your ability to stand tall); E-longate (to increase stamina); Long Boy (to encourage growth) and Performance DV (to boost your sex drive).

Then of course we also carry enlarging kits, books on male health (including information on impotence and premature “popping”), an assortment of rings, facilitators and accommodators all to help you become the stallion in the bedroom you so desire to be.

At Choices, you’re sure to find just the right thing for you. However, as any good ‘doctor’ would recommend, try some good old fashioned exercise, rest and relaxation, change your eating habits (no late dinners) and cut back to one main squeeze at a time (drop the sweetheart/ girlfriend).

If you find you’re still not up to your expectations, then its time to seek professional help.


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