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Ask Alex - My boyfriend was in a car accident, and his ex was in the car!

Ask Alex - My boyfriend was in a car accident, and his ex was in the car!

  • 30 November, 2020
  • Alex Thompson

Question: My boyfriend was in a car accident while he was away recently. He was supped to be away for business, but I couldn’t reach him for two whole days. He said he was tied up. I only heard from him after he called when he was released from the hospital.

Now the talk on the streets was that there was two people in his car and the passenger was the one actually hurt. I ask him about it, he tell me that it was only gossip and what he told me was the truth. However, it just so happen that I saw his old flame a few days ago and she was on crutches. I send one of my friends to go ask what happened to her, and sure enough she said that she was in a bad car accident around the same time and on the same island when my boyfriend was supposedly doing a job.

I was upset and went to my boyfriend right away to confront him. He run on bout it's a coincidence, and he don't deal with her no more and why I trying to find out things. He tell me to stop snooping around and trying to make drama. I felt like he was lying and we haven't talked about it since.

My gut feeling is that there is something going on. What should I do? We ain't speaking and I hate the silence between us.


Alex Says...

You need to stay silent, pack your bags and move on. Why stay to committed to a man who makes you feel as if he's not 100% committed to you.

Sweetie, this ain't the year to be wasting your time on guys who aren't interested in putting you or your relationship first and foremost in their lives.

Settling for him being unreachable for 2 whole days, is an act of desperation. Unless you're that desperate, get out now.

Save yourself from the unnecessary stress. That's what I would do.

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June 27, 2021

Hi my husband is a diabetic and he doesn’t take care of himself at all now it’s a serious problem in the bedroom we now are not in the same bedroom there’s absolutely no sex at all what do you think about sex toys 🤔

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