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Ask Alex - My wife gained weight and it's affecting our marriage

Ask Alex - My wife gained weight and it's affecting our marriage

  • 04 December, 2020
  • Alex Thompson

Question: My wife and I have been married just 2 years and already the excitement is dying. I still try buy her flowers and take her out but she doesn't seem to be interested in nothing. She has put on a lot of weight since the wedding and she complains about it but she still looks fine to me.

I love my wife and don't want to have a depressing marriage like a lot of other people I know. How can I help her get back to being more fun and interested in intimacy?


Alex says: 

Well, firstly you have to determine whether or not this 'new person' is just a manifestation of her current emotional state or the true identity of your wife that is just now emerging. Talk with her some more and even check with her family/ siblings to find out if this behavior is a familiar pattern or not. If they say no, she may be battling with some depression caused by the weight gain.

If you are comfortable with her new size, take her shopping and tell her you want her to embrace the figure she now has. If that doesn't work, Signature Choices has some great shapewear options that keep a woman looking snatched under her outfit while burning fat from the waist line. You could also starting the gym with her or any home exercise routine. Doing these things together will give you more time to talk and fortify your relationship. Give her more calls, texts and cards of affirmation and admiration.

Women can go through hormonal changes that affect their behavior at times, but the love from their spouse (or close family and friends) usually helps them emerge from that moment stronger and wiser.

Don't lose hope or faith in your wife. A good marriage is constantly evolving as you grow in love. This is only the beginning of a life long journey that would undoubtedly make you a more selfless person in the end.

Pray for God's patience and peace.

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